• Axiall Corporation is a global provider of chemicals and building products, working to responsibly harness applied chemistry to solve common problems, improve everyday life and drive human progress.

    We’re dedicated to the pursuit of best-in-class safety and environmental performance, while preserving and enhancing life in the communities where we operate and around the world.

    In our Chemicals division, we transform products from nature – salt, water and natural gas – into chlorine and caustic soda, which become essential ingredients for many life-enhancing products.

    Our Building Products division offers a broad portfolio of innovative, low-maintenance and highly durable vinyl building materials, including siding, windows and doors, trim and moldings and pipe and pipe fittings, under the Royal Building Products brand.

    Axiall Facts:

    •  Listed on the New York Stock Exchange: AXLL.

    •  North America’s:

        – 3rd largest chlor-alkali producer.

        – 2nd largest vinyl chloride monomer producer.

        – 3rd largest siding manufacturer.

    •  Headquartered in Atlanta with more than 25 manufacturing facilities in North America and in Asia.

    •  Additional Chemicals division offices in Baton Rouge, La., Houston and Pittsburgh.

    •  Building Products division based near Toronto.


    Our company name is based on a real word—'axial'—meaning: relating to, characterized by, or forming an axis. It's also a word with a history of use in chemistry (axial bonds, axial flow) and construction (axial plans, axial orientation)—our core businesses.

    The name Axiall expresses the essence of our business strategy in a unique, memorable way. It references two axes: the vertical axis, along which core material production is integrated with finished products; and the horizontal axis, which represents the diversity of our businesses and opportunities for further expansion.

    The meaning, in turn, inspired the tagline: 'at the intersection of chemistry and progress', which expresses our larger corporate aspirations to enhance life through applied chemistry.

    Our logo is built upon the foundation of our name.

    The unique vertical orientation of the letters is intended to position Axiall as a new and different kind of company. It specifically symbolizes vertical integration, a key component of our business strategy, and one enhanced as a result of the merger.

    The unique use of the double 'll's, placed side-by-side at the bottom of the logo, symbolizes the strong foundation on which Axiall has been built—our commodity chemicals business. The ll's are twin 'columns' that form a 'solid base,' giving the logo structural integrity.

    Finally, the tagline 'at the intersection of chemistry and progress' is horizontally positioned intersecting the logo, visually emphasizing the meaning of the name.